American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects 11 Simons Research Grantees

Simons Foundation, May 2022

Eleven Simons Foundation grantees and one board member are among the latest cohort of prominent artists, scholars, scientists and leaders elected as fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The academy is one of the oldest and most prestigious learned societies in the United States. It convenes leaders from across disciplines to address critical challenges facing society. In 2022, the academy inducted 261 new members.

Quanta Magazine’s New Podcast, ‘The Joy of Why,’ Ponders the Big Questions

Simons Foundation, May 2022

They’re the questions that keep scientists up at night: Why did life begin? Are space and time fundamental or emergent properties of the universe? Why do women usually outlive men? Why do we have to sleep? In “The Joy of Why,” a new podcast by Quanta Magazine, mathematician and author Steven Strogatz interviews leading scientists and mathematicians about some of the universe’s biggest unanswered questions.

David Spergel Receives NASA’s Exceptional Public Service Medal

Simons Foundation, April 2022

On April 13, NASA has awarded Simons Foundation president David Spergel its Exceptional Public Service Medal, in a virtual ceremony telecast. The award cites Spergel’s “outstanding leadership of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope’s science teams during its initial mission concept and formulation period.” This medal is awarded to recipients whose “record of achievements sets a benchmark for other nongovernment contributors to follow.”

Simons Foundation Funds Center for Computational Physical Chemistry at NYU

Simons Foundation, March 2022

The future relies on chemistry. Advancements in computation mean that theoretical chemistry — which has long played second fiddle to experimental chemistry — is now poised to complement or even surpass what’s achievable with modern experiments. As a result, the burgeoning field of computational physical chemistry has the potential to spur unprecedented advances in batteries, medicine, desalination and even environmentally friendly insecticides.